Archangel Michael




Our Lady of The Passion


Upon seeing the cross where He will be hung, the thorn crown which He will be wearing and the bitter vinegar offering to Him during that time of His future, His terrified little heart tells Him to jump up on His Mother’s arm for refuge, that makes Him loose one of His shoes. The idea comes from an unknown artist but according to the earliest document, the original Icon was first venerated by the public in 1499 at San Matteo in Via Merulana (Wikipedia).

This is the early version of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Tender Mercy 3-2016



8″ x 10″ x 3.75″ Egg tempera. This Icon is done at Nazareth Hermitage, Ava, MO. The air is so wet. It takes forever for the bole to dry, then for a long time more to be able to work on the surface of the gold. But finally I finish the work. Thank Her!

The Old Testament Trinity Icon-2015


Icon of The Holy Trinity. Based on Andei Rublev with oil paints on wooden board.

The Old Testament Trinity Icon. Based on Andrei Rublev. Instead of egg tempera as usual, I am using oil paints on this Icon with glazing technique to see how it works: It takes much longer to finish the work. But I am not on a hurry, I want to take time to contemplate on this great mystery, my favorite one.

According to the Old Testament, the Three Angels stopped at Abraham’s house to visit. It turned out that the Messengers were from God to give Abraham and Sarah a message about a son would be in Sarah’s womb. The meaning of it had fulfilled by Christ’s coming in New Testament. Christ as the Second Person, sitting in the middle, with Blue cloak as His Divinity nature wrapping the red earthy life tunic. There are two natures in one Person as He is God and Man. His face as an obedient Son, He turns to the Father, the First Person on the left, to wait for order. On the right is the The Third Person ready to go out to proclaim the Good News as the dynamic works of the Holy Spirit in our world after the discussion at the Table is completed. Bread and Vine is the Great serious Mystery the Angels are discussing.
To look at the Icon means we are looking at the presence. The flatness of the stylistic painting stops our eyes at the “here” and “now”. The Divine presence is here, in front of us, not far away or behind. That is why the Icon never has shadow or three dimensional look as the other kinds of painting. It requires us to stop thinking, to pray with the Icon here and right now.



Christ the Teacher- Our Lady of Tender  Mercy, the New Testament- Saint John the Baptist, the end of the Old Testament.

The middle one is 30″x 24″x 5/8″ . In egg tempera on gessoed oak wood panel.