Icon “The Visitation of The Virgin Mary And Elizabeth”-2020

I just finished the Icon. This is an experiment of decorating the board in a different way. It looks good to me! One of the friends of the monastery offered a beautiful handcrafted wooden board. I gessoed and write the image on.


2 thoughts on “Icon “The Visitation of The Virgin Mary And Elizabeth”-2020

    • Dear Dr. Scully,

      Can you email me more information on what you want. Currently, I don’t have any finished Icon to sell. The only one I am working on is another Holy Trinity. If you have patient, you can tell me what you need, then I will find time to continue with the Holy Trinity which is halfway, or I can begin on another one. Most importantly is the size and the cost of an original Icon. I use real Italian gold leaf, real traditional Icon board, hand-made by my friend, or I order from an authentic store also from New York. I really want to offer the Divine Presence to the world through Icon, through my prayers, but the cost of the supplies does demand some high value. So, before we talk, I want you to know the price. It will not less than a thousand for one Icon I have been doing. Thank you for your interest in my works, actually, the Holy Spirit’s works through my hand. May God bless you with peace and joy.
      Sr. Elizabeth Tran, osb

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