Our Lady of the Desert 25th Anniversary


Acrylic on canvas,  30″  x  40″. Celebrating silver jubilee 1990-2015. The history of the Benedictine nuns, Our Lady of the Desert monastery: began at El Rito, NM ( upper right), moved to Santa Cruz, NM ( lower right); later, moved to Christ in the Desert, Abiquiu, NM  (upper left). I joined when the monastery was here.  Ten years later, passing by Saint Rose de Lima church in Blanco for one year and a half ( lower left)  then moved to the present desert in Gobernador, where Saint Benedict is standing.

The painting is on the way to New Mexico. I hope the Sisters will get it before the Solemnity of Saint Benedict this Saturday as they are going to celebrate their 25th anniversary. This is the surprise for them. I worked day and night to finish it on time because the idea just came to me in the last few days.  The page of the rule on his hand is still blank. I did not have time to write some words on it, many details are not done well…

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