Pantocrator- 2017


DSC_0047 copy

52cm x 52 cm- Egg tempera on Icon board- 24 kt. Italian gold oil gilding background.

This is the first time I am doing the oil gilding. I want to experiment the technique. It is less painstaking, less risk-taking, but water still is my best friend!

This month, Pope Francis wants us to pray for all the artists. I want to take advantage of this to ask for your prayer for the Iconographers also, including myself. To make your prayers become real, if you can help to make a donation to the monastery so I can have a little mobile home to be my studio and you can have this Icon. It is only $1,300.00. It would be an immense help, and be many blessings for you…





Our Lady of The Passion


Upon seeing the cross where He will be hung, the thorn crown which He will be wearing and the bitter vinegar offering to Him during that time of His future, His terrified little heart tells Him to jump up on His Mother’s arm for refuge, that makes Him loose one of His shoes. The idea comes from an unknown artist but according to the earliest document, the original Icon was first venerated by the public in 1499 at San Matteo in Via Merulana (Wikipedia).

This is the early version of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.