Our Lady of The Passion


Advent is almost two weeks past but I Just finished my long contemplation on His Passion. The Angels show  Him the cross His Body will be nailed, the thorn crown he will be wearing and the bitter vinegar they will offer him while he is suffering there. Looking at the future, His little heart tells Him to jump on His Mother’s arm for refuge and protection. The warmness and strength from her arms will give Him comfort.

Contemplating on those of His Passion the rough road in me is somehow smoothened preparing for His second coming.

Ecce Homo-2016

Ecce Homo copy

This Icon is done in my hermitage. It took me longer to finish the Icon because the humidity here at Ava is so high. But it is always good to take time to work on Icon. Have  more time for contemplation.

8″ x 10″ x 0.75; Egg tempera on wooden panel; double 23 kt. German gold leaf in water guilding background.

Tender Mercy 3-2016



8″ x 10″ x 3.75″ Egg tempera. This Icon is done at Nazareth Hermitage, Ava, MO. The air is so wet. It takes forever for the bole to dry, then for a long time more to be able to work on the surface of the gold. But finally I finish the work. Thank Her!