Oil paints on board. 8-2016. I tried to depict Our Lady of Lavang with the image of the Vietnamese last Empress ( Nam Phuong Hoàng Hậu, a devout Catholic, whom I thought deserves to represent Our Lady of Lavang because of her strong faith). The palm leaf is the Vietnamese martyrs stemming from Christ’s garment to the sky. Her Áo Dài is the typical style and color of the central VN where the Empress lived. The background includes all the images of the scenery from Northern to Southern, highlands rice pad to the plain rice field of Viet nam. I try to pour out my nostalgia on the board.

Ecce Homo-2016

Ecce Homo copy

This Icon is done in my hermitage. It took me longer to finish the Icon because the humidity here at Ava is so high. But it is always good to take time to work on Icon. Have  more time for contemplation.

8″ x 10″ x 0.75; Egg tempera on wooden panel; double 23 kt. German gold leaf in water guilding background.

Tender Mercy 3-2016



8″ x 10″ x 3.75″ Egg tempera. This Icon is done at Nazareth Hermitage, Ava, MO. The air is so wet. It takes forever for the bole to dry, then for a long time more to be able to work on the surface of the gold. But finally I finish the work. Thank Her!